[Joke]A Real circumstance of a zd in San Francisco, USA

English Version

Note: the term "zd" denotes those who cry high for so called "Free Tibet".
This is short for "zangdu", which is in Chinese Pinyin.


I was in San Francisco and met a zd. "Where is Tibet?" I asked him.

Answer from him: "Yeah, of course. Far north of China"

End of Quote

Find a map and you will see the joke point.

Source: http://bbs.sjtu.edu.cn/bbstcon?board=joke&reid=1207869598


Version française

Remarque: le terme "zd" s’agit de ceux qui hurlent "liberter le Tibet". C’est
une abréviation de "zangdu".


J’étais à San Francisco et j’ai rencontré un zd. "Où est le Tibet?" je lui ai

Sa réponse: "Oui, bien sûr. C’est au nord de la Chine"

La fin de la Quotation

Trouvez une carte de la Chine et vous verrez la blague.

Source: http://bbs.sjtu.edu.cn/bbstcon?board=joke&reid=1207869598


标  题: 真人真事
发信站: 饮水思源 (2008年04月11日07:23:15 星期五), 站内信件

旧金山,问一个zd分子,"Where is Tibet"
回答:"Yeah, of course. Far north of China"


※ 来源:·饮水思源 bbs.sjtu.edu.cn·[FROM:]

Source: http://bbs.sjtu.edu.cn/bbstcon?board=joke&reid=1207869598


[Joke]A Real circumstance of a zd in San Francisco, USA”的一个响应


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