Volunteer Computing

Volunteer Computing Stats

Graceful Tree Verification Project:

Harmonious Tree, subproject of yoyo@home:


PrimeGrid, Arithmetic Progression 26:
AP23: 822272309705219+384717323#n for n=0..22
AP22: 24078887032640311+1083200723#n for n=0..21

PrimeGrid, Proth Prime Search LLR:
4587*2^531604+1 is a 160033-digit prime.

Yoyo@home, ECM:
3870043895375321795489675338610209 divides 133^81+81^133
2295496423551442671024824732251748271493837021 divides 130^114+114^130
1170266910303096942037212806767032610667 divides 119^117+117^119

3x+1 class record search:
Delay record 136, with delay 2277: 539483,373894,066267


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